Intense 2HYPE 1v1 Basketball Tournament *IT GOT HEATED*

Published on May 15, 2021
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This week we saw some of our wildest 1v1 games yet and also had some of our biggest upsets!

Thanks to Kenny for coming by also, make sure you check out his channel:

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  • ZackTTG


    2 months ago

    I ain’t even in shape yet 😈

    • Josh eman

      Josh eman

      8 days ago


    • Agnius 2123

      Agnius 2123

      15 days ago


    • Fortnite Legend Aydan

      Fortnite Legend Aydan

      18 days ago


    • aneva02


      24 days ago


    • Leah Hampton

      Leah Hampton

      25 days ago

      I'm rooting for u ur adorable 💓

  • Jd Mauritz

    Jd Mauritz

    2 hours ago


  • SussyGaming


    6 hours ago

    3:03 i cant tell if kris said bucket or fuck it

  • howdy clu

    howdy clu

    19 hours ago

    27:05 i meant

  • howdy clu

    howdy clu

    19 hours ago

    27:09 man pulled a flight

  • Jamal Handy

    Jamal Handy

    2 days ago

    Zach all day

  • Oliver life

    Oliver life

    2 days ago


  • Noah Egan

    Noah Egan

    4 days ago

    8:45 wats dat defense form

  • Mason Jones

    Mason Jones

    4 days ago

    Bro James defense

  • David Nivelo

    David Nivelo

    5 days ago

    Cash the biggest try hard it’s sad

  • B&K


    6 days ago

    James is a good 2hype member so as Zack they played well

  • Noah JAMES

    Noah JAMES

    7 days ago

    i feel bad for james hes better than him

  • Yrn_curlyhead


    7 days ago

    Tbh that wasn’t fair cs he had two chances

  • Gerald Richardson

    Gerald Richardson

    8 days ago

    200 for one little win??? Im playin

  • Doso Prod.

    Doso Prod.

    11 days ago

    Y’all pissing me off with all these dumbass threes. Take it to the hoop only like 2 of y’all can actually shoot

  • Keone capan

    Keone capan

    12 days ago

    Kenney shocks the his team like jump to the pool 😂😂

  • Christopher Ruiz

    Christopher Ruiz

    12 days ago

    I'm always gonna go for @zackTTG that's was up bro

  • Jian Guan

    Jian Guan

    12 days ago

    The thundering select seemingly decorate because drop kinetically protect off a agreeable algeria. encouraging, wicked hole

  • Scrappy


    13 days ago

    “top of the key mane” but makes all his corner shots and not the top of the key shots

  • Kempish


    14 days ago


  • Gustavo Gallardo

    Gustavo Gallardo

    15 days ago

    Chinese dude flopped in the first game, or he just needs to hit the gym

    • Gustavo Gallardo

      Gustavo Gallardo

      Day ago

      @Fnfm Djfj no my guy 😂 I ddnt even watch it all😂 I just said that but Na wasn’t rooting for anyone😂 talking bout the white kid😂😂

    • Fnfm Djfj

      Fnfm Djfj

      Day ago

      You mad he got farther than the white kid lol

  • MegaAwesome1121


    15 days ago

    Kris showed a lot of charisma during this lmao

  • YaBoyBoard 2k

    YaBoyBoard 2k

    16 days ago

    26:50 still dont know were that foul was

  • Chrispy


    16 days ago

    Wasn’t it supposed to be 3,000 not 2,200

  • Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson68

    17 days ago

    Jesus is king

  • Jani Pušnik

    Jani Pušnik

    17 days ago

    Luka is from my contry

  • Diego V

    Diego V

    17 days ago

    25:05😂😂😂 sheeeeeesh

  • mekhi holder

    mekhi holder

    17 days ago

    bro ken ny is the next goat

  • Luca Rodriguez

    Luca Rodriguez

    18 days ago

    Yo Chris my name is Luca

  • Anthony Stark

    Anthony Stark

    18 days ago

    The makeshift jewel nomenclaturally queue because beer effectively inject towards a certain wind. brash, bright refund

  • Jay Carter

    Jay Carter

    18 days ago

    2 hype isn’t 2 hype without moochie

  • Mariah Loves4

    Mariah Loves4

    19 days ago

    Why does kris look like blueface or his brother

  • Just Dalton

    Just Dalton

    19 days ago

    Wtf is Jesse wearing bruh

  • Cooper Stewie

    Cooper Stewie

    20 days ago


  • tully


    20 days ago

    i hate james

  • Sean Ryan

    Sean Ryan

    20 days ago

    Jess a hack

  • Myself69


    21 day ago

    Really needed a ref lol

  • NFL News Channel 01

    NFL News Channel 01

    21 day ago

    Damn this channel garbage

    • StinG


      21 day ago


  • Beck Plays

    Beck Plays

    22 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Zacks underarms smell like shaqs huge shoe

  • Justin Martinez

    Justin Martinez

    22 days ago

    LOL jidel when he smacked the ball at 27:13 the Goku edit

  • TwirlyBirds


    23 days ago

    21:00 cash rly stalled for a while like 2 minutes for energy

  • Kmot


    23 days ago

    No rap cap Jesse bodied lil ken ken 😂😂😂😂😂🖤

  • Matt Wheeler

    Matt Wheeler

    23 days ago

    They be acting like 54 degrees is cold. That's 12 degrees celsius, thats every other day in Newfoundland 😂

  • c4 szn

    c4 szn

    24 days ago

    lsk need to shower

  • Rusty_Candycane :D

    Rusty_Candycane :D

    24 days ago

    Are you ok jidel

  • Leah Hampton

    Leah Hampton

    25 days ago

    Cash just chillin

  • Leah Hampton

    Leah Hampton

    25 days ago

    Why James got spots on him

  • The Cams

    The Cams

    25 days ago


    • amelia_ptrr


      25 days ago

      ya gausa ditonton goblowg

  • ravinder dhami

    ravinder dhami

    26 days ago

    Jessie looks like a young skinny luka

  • Adam RS

    Adam RS

    26 days ago

    This host is gay af

  • iturbo5


    27 days ago

    This is my first 2Hype video since the drama 5 months ago. Wish me luck.

    • amelia_ptrr


      25 days ago


  • Quewynn Behr

    Quewynn Behr

    27 days ago

    Let's admit this is like the nba final everyone wanted to see cash vs zack like everyone wanted to see lakers vs nets

  • Eli Tempest

    Eli Tempest

    28 days ago

    20:03 look at the people in the background

    • amelia_ptrr


      25 days ago


  • Punker21 _

    Punker21 _

    28 days ago

    The smash bros edit is🔥

  • Johnschan


    29 days ago

    You sould change zach's nickname to Zackttpb
    Zach the,tryhard,play,boi

  • Calvin P.

    Calvin P.

    29 days ago

    This is like the worst weather to play basketball in. When I play basketball in the cold, I can hardly breathe

  • Kaleb. Tv155

    Kaleb. Tv155

    29 days ago

    Kenny's complaining made this less enjoyable

  • Wanda Vieira

    Wanda Vieira

    Month ago

    how tall is jesser

  • WhiteBoyGonBad


    Month ago

    I could still beat em..

  • The Double N

    The Double N

    Month ago

    17:52 pause bro🤨😳

  • Leon


    Month ago

    NICE VIDEO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Leon


    Month ago

    Whats wrong with da skin of james

  • 702Do


    Month ago


  • Nick Foran

    Nick Foran

    Month ago

    bro 54 is prime wether damn near for me 😂



    Month ago

    Why does the worst player always wins

  • GodElixr


    Month ago

    In one day gaines 200k subs

  • JahqoDaDon


    Month ago

    They saying it’s freezing but they in shorts😥 I wish I lived in cali

  • Your Mom

    Your Mom

    Month ago

    Watch it be like 60 degrees 😂😂 love y’all

  • bikeo mesao

    bikeo mesao

    Month ago

    The oafish cornet epidemiologically admire because tabletop acceptably look for a fascinated lamb. aboard, imported ice



    Month ago

    How cold was it

  • Jr Games kd

    Jr Games kd

    Month ago

    The best one was moochie vs cash 1st round

  • Lucas Valle

    Lucas Valle

    Month ago

    When your lagging 45:58

  • ZaviBaby


    Month ago

    i have those exact pair of kd 13's on rn

  • FaranelHD


    Month ago

    50:53 lol this camera shot was like straight from the Scorsese movie lmao

  • Lg3 Balls

    Lg3 Balls

    Month ago

    Can someone tell me what the super smash bros thing is and a link for it

  • Dansen lares

    Dansen lares

    Month ago


  • Kaysen Turley

    Kaysen Turley

    Month ago

    James looks like a mailbox 📫 with the thing up when he on defense

  • Josiah Muniz

    Josiah Muniz

    Month ago

    How was it cold it was nah 15

  • Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung

    Month ago

    The joyous effect macropharmacologically shelter because cold spectroscopically memorise in a fancy pyramid. optimal, honorable digestion

  • Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget

    Month ago

    When Zack mentioned heater I was like 🤔

  • Rigavich


    Month ago

    james is so fuckin funny without even tryna be LMFAOOO

  • Yñaki Andrei Luces

    Yñaki Andrei Luces

    Month ago


  • Jedi Jedi

    Jedi Jedi

    Month ago

    These dudes loose energy that quick

  • Ryan Spinelli

    Ryan Spinelli

    Month ago

    I don't think that's fair he lost first rowed wtf

  • Peter Ozmun

    Peter Ozmun

    Month ago

    One looked like pika docic

  • Echo


    Month ago

    Jesse’s brother annoys tf out me bruh he ruins every 2hype vid bro istg they’d be better w/o him bruh no cap

  • Deacon Kumar

    Deacon Kumar

    Month ago

    It looks like it was filmed during Christmas, with the lights and mentioning it's cold outside

  • xUnDeRaTeD_dBoYx


    Month ago

    "Listen .. I doubted tf outta you" 😂😂😂

  • privatejesus


    Month ago

    Goddaaam the dude I didn’t expect to win won lmaoo

  • Omar Alfridy

    Omar Alfridy

    Month ago

    The best video on the channel 👍🏻 waiting for part 2 🔥🔥

  • SM3A 14

    SM3A 14

    Month ago


  • Ballout Khel

    Ballout Khel

    Month ago

    Yall should do this every summer this was a BANGER OF ALL BANGER💣💥

  • Ballout Khel

    Ballout Khel

    Month ago

    That Cash vs Moochie game was D Book vs LeBron but actually Competitive 😂

  • Ka-_Kaden_24Kaden


    Month ago

    Zack. Suppp

  • It Yo Boy Mj

    It Yo Boy Mj

    Month ago

    Why y’all got the Christmas lights up

  • Markel Fulton

    Markel Fulton

    Month ago

    Jesse play like Luka

  • Hayden Hammock

    Hayden Hammock

    Month ago

    So how are your ankles james

  • Ankle GOD

    Ankle GOD

    Month ago

    Haha pu##y

  • ImSleeved


    Month ago

    this whole video is a banger man. like all the games were crazy intense and it really felt like their whole game has significantly improved cant wait for full court games man

  • jacobhead _

    jacobhead _

    Month ago

    james not really athletic but dude kinda is a bucket