2HYPE Eating One Color Food For 24 Hours Challenge

Published on May 29, 2021
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This week we can only eat foods of a single color for 24 hours.

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  • Kristopher London

    Kristopher London

    Month ago

    SPRITE GREEN????? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bubs Miller

      Bubs Miller

      8 days ago


    • klsemin


      13 days ago

      Kris banana’s aren’t yellow the part you eat is WHITE, unless you just eat the peel, it’s white

    • Jennifer Carlman-Leising

      Jennifer Carlman-Leising

      13 days ago

      Mmm boys

    • Barnett Farms

      Barnett Farms

      16 days ago

      A littel

    • Silverfox30


      21 day ago

      19:46 😳 what is dat who and where u come from

  • Huma


    3 hours ago

    Why are your vids soooooo long omg this is long as f

  • Keagan McFarland

    Keagan McFarland

    14 hours ago

    Bruh the stake turns brown

  • llOG_TGll 83

    llOG_TGll 83

    Day ago

    Could’ve just put food coloring on the foods

  • City Bob

    City Bob

    2 days ago

    On me gay

  • Hypebeast Reviews

    Hypebeast Reviews

    2 days ago

    Give a raise by 75% to whoever edited this vid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ChiliDog343


    3 days ago

    25:40 🤭🤣😳

  • Hassan Hussain

    Hassan Hussain

    3 days ago

    Sidmen alert

  • Solar_edits


    3 days ago

    My names cash

  • Brayden Branstrom

    Brayden Branstrom

    3 days ago

    “Cuz females are always hungry” Zack spittin strait facts

    • Golovin Williams

      Golovin Williams

      Day ago


  • Harrison Morris

    Harrison Morris

    4 days ago

    Just lost he ate yellow

  • Jono Hansen

    Jono Hansen

    5 days ago

    The blue cake that jesse had different filling

  • ReplayZ Avinet

    ReplayZ Avinet

    5 days ago

    Louisiana gang wya🔥🔥



    6 days ago

    zach went karen mode

  • 2ms Doge

    2ms Doge

    6 days ago

    Zack and James that’s your own fucking opinion

  • Quimar Faniel

    Quimar Faniel

    6 days ago

    Cash will never lose gains for as long as he lives 😂😂

  • Griffin Marshman

    Griffin Marshman

    7 days ago

    Cash are u losing gains?

  • King Prodigy

    King Prodigy

    7 days ago


  • KC Willis

    KC Willis

    7 days ago

    Bruh. Panda express orange chicken is 🔥.

  • Trizztan


    8 days ago

    milk is for baby cows - Zack
    when your ego can not accept that you can not drink milk xd

  • Gannony Evans

    Gannony Evans

    8 days ago

    Jesser does the color change but eats krisis butter buiscut jesser violating

  • Bubs Miller

    Bubs Miller

    8 days ago

    19:44 lol 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Bubs Miller

    Bubs Miller

    8 days ago

    I love how everyone was going to eat healthy food but then Jesse over here eating ring pops and cakes

  • Miguel Gordon

    Miguel Gordon

    8 days ago

    Ayoooo Kris u eating a twinkie with white stuff busting in ur mouth

  • Harry Adamo

    Harry Adamo

    8 days ago

    Lemonade isn’t yellow

  • SuperTiaanBro


    8 days ago

    Zach: *women are always hungry*

    Twitter: Now reality can be whatever I want

  • Briyannah Hines

    Briyannah Hines

    9 days ago

    Are you all gay or bi sexual. Just asking because i want to know who and what im watching???

  • ImaGetLaazy


    10 days ago

    Jesse could have ate the blue lobster

  • Vanquish


    10 days ago

    zack, coffee ice cream is brown, btw.

  • Brazil Phillips

    Brazil Phillips

    10 days ago

    Jesser should have mixed the canes sauce with blue dye then put the chicken in it

  • Tom Dwyer

    Tom Dwyer

    10 days ago

    Cash be only eating red every day challenge

  • Thomas MacKenzie

    Thomas MacKenzie

    12 days ago

    Yellow, orange and green are probably the best colors

  • Pimpinシ Rex

    Pimpinシ Rex

    13 days ago

    yall rlly be bullying jesse

  • WishiWasFaZejoe


    13 days ago

    Cookie:” ohh that’s the spotttt 🥴

  • Jennifer Carlman-Leising

    Jennifer Carlman-Leising

    13 days ago


  • Jennifer Carlman-Leising

    Jennifer Carlman-Leising

    13 days ago


  • TvSnipehype 00

    TvSnipehype 00

    14 days ago

    POV every 2hype vid cash getting a hair cut

  • Shadow 1

    Shadow 1

    14 days ago

    How you gonna say cow milk is for baby cows then eat meat disrespect zack

  • Ben Wilson

    Ben Wilson

    14 days ago

    Cow milk is for baby cows but the calf can’t drink all of the cows milk and if you don’t milk them they will get milk poisoning and they will get sick and die

  • Adam Diaz

    Adam Diaz

    14 days ago

    When kris said there’s red an white on that b*ch I was cracking up

  • ballernoah2019


    15 days ago

    Bro cash be making out with those cheetoes

  • mario A cuevas

    mario A cuevas

    15 days ago

    Kris at 27:37 sounds so sus

  • Yung Biscuit

    Yung Biscuit

    15 days ago

    10:20 one of my favorite Parts 🤣 "yea you're being recorded"

  • Greg Rides Bikes

    Greg Rides Bikes

    15 days ago

    Cash: We gonna stick to the gains
    Also cash: *stuffs the Cheetos in his face*

  • Vathusan Udayakumaran

    Vathusan Udayakumaran

    16 days ago

    Jesser shouldve drank blue gadarade

  • Barnett Farms

    Barnett Farms

    16 days ago

    Dude James you could have got orange chicken it like the sauce is orange and it make the chicken orange

  • Jacob Western

    Jacob Western

    16 days ago

    All the filters the editors put on them had me 💀💀

  • Jacob JCW2021

    Jacob JCW2021

    16 days ago

    Cash talking about Louisiana getting flooded well yeah he ain’t lying our house had a foot of water 😂

  • J


    16 days ago

    why did moochie only appear for like 2 seconds in this vid

  • Kaela Bowman

    Kaela Bowman

    16 days ago

    bro I was yelling blue takis the whole video

  • Latroy Thompson

    Latroy Thompson

    17 days ago

    Jesser ima take the blue ones out

  • Alek Southerland

    Alek Southerland

    17 days ago

    Cash was hella cheating but it’s funny😂😂

  • Sammy Chabakji

    Sammy Chabakji

    17 days ago

    well done meat, dont ever cook meat please. well done meat is actually worse for you btw

  • Avster Svster

    Avster Svster

    17 days ago

    “Purplish brown”

  • Jake Roberts

    Jake Roberts

    17 days ago

    I’m sorry but the fucking ramen noodle hair cmon bruh 😂

  • JaefrmCTB


    17 days ago

    just cause your vaccinated does not mean you cant get covid

  • Ezequiel Jimenez

    Ezequiel Jimenez

    18 days ago

    Or green

  • Ezequiel Jimenez

    Ezequiel Jimenez

    18 days ago

    I would love getting orange

  • KLG Gerzly

    KLG Gerzly

    18 days ago

    Yo where did all the comments go?

    Ha your still here

    Kinda close

    Almost there






  • Goat gods mf

    Goat gods mf

    18 days ago

    We dont say : top of the morning to ya lol

  • Not Nyq

    Not Nyq

    18 days ago

    No one noticed Jesse cheated at 16:10

    • Xavier Hope

      Xavier Hope

      15 days ago

      Recorded on different days

  • JaefrmCTB


    18 days ago

    funny how james say orange and then shows his eyebrows

  • Trenner Boswell

    Trenner Boswell

    18 days ago

    I’m color blind

  • Jack DiLo

    Jack DiLo

    18 days ago

    Jesse missed out on blue taki’s

  • Yofaygo


    18 days ago

    You could of got food coloring

  • IzZo


    19 days ago

    moochie is so freekin funny man

  • HC Harperdog

    HC Harperdog

    19 days ago

    Jesse could have got cotton candy

  • Luke Tudda

    Luke Tudda

    20 days ago


  • Dior


    20 days ago

    Man eating noodles with nothing else wtf 🤮

  • Trey Harper

    Trey Harper

    20 days ago

    Blueberries are purple lol

  • Vaults


    20 days ago

    Jezzer cheated when he tried Kris’s food

    • Christopher Daddy

      Christopher Daddy

      20 days ago

      kris did his challenge a day after everyone so jesser was already done

  • POV MS

    POV MS

    21 day ago

    19:45 lol kris

  • btw cesar

    btw cesar

    21 day ago

    19:42 I’m dead

  • Jus4Fun


    21 day ago

    Just because u get "vaxxed" does not mean u still can't get covid yall people stupid

  • Buddha Sug

    Buddha Sug

    21 day ago

    25:35 no word

  • Buddha Sug

    Buddha Sug

    21 day ago

    Is it me or does moochie sound weird cussin

  • Off ¿T?

    Off ¿T?

    21 day ago

    Buen contenido 🏀❤️

  • Beau Aymami

    Beau Aymami

    21 day ago

    it didn’t flood that bad by me in louisiana

  • Sammy Hamed

    Sammy Hamed

    22 days ago

    What about blue takies

  • Dusty V

    Dusty V

    22 days ago

    Poor Jesser!

  • Nicolas McDowell

    Nicolas McDowell

    22 days ago

    Watching 2HYPE makes me wanna play basketball and I’m not athletic at all I don’t play sports lmao

  • Lil Kayden

    Lil Kayden

    22 days ago

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

  • Samc Moncada

    Samc Moncada

    22 days ago

    Cash should’ve got crawfish

  • CxmpSwish


    22 days ago


  • Christian Payne

    Christian Payne

    22 days ago

    Blue raspberry is the purple one we see

  • Mason Willis

    Mason Willis

    22 days ago

    15:57 yuck

  • toxic Rick Faze

    toxic Rick Faze

    23 days ago


  • Liam O'Keeffe

    Liam O'Keeffe

    23 days ago


  • Energetic is the goat

    Energetic is the goat

    23 days ago

    25:48 25:50

  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith

    23 days ago

    sprite is green

  • Bman pizza

    Bman pizza

    23 days ago


  • Cbagz2.0


    23 days ago

    Well guys sprite is green

  • Arsany


    24 days ago

    literally no one is disagreeing with you Kris.

  • Jake Conway

    Jake Conway

    24 days ago

    This is why zack has the bones of a 80 year ago man

    • Oostburgs Finest sports

      Oostburgs Finest sports

      23 days ago

      Fr the cows can’t drink the milk from the bottle like that’s kinda excessive

  • Aaron Chelliah

    Aaron Chelliah

    24 days ago

    How does Jiedel not like mangoes!?!



    24 days ago


  • Solo_DN


    24 days ago

    Should have gave Khris green cuz he a giraffe 🦒🤣🤣

  • scooziesxo


    24 days ago

    Now that I think bout it why didn’t Zack eat fried chicken ?

  • Sire Walker

    Sire Walker

    24 days ago

    I don’t know what the hell Mitchell on

  • Twitch itsurboyerik214

    Twitch itsurboyerik214

    24 days ago

    Twinkies are yellow LSK